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Squeaky Clean Coats

At PurePet, we believe that proper grooming starts with a great shampoo. Our store carries both dog shampoo and cat shampoo that gets your pet clean fast without drying out or irritating the skin. Whether you have a short-haired cat or a coarse-coated dog, we have a product that will leave your pet's fur smelling great and feeling silky smooth.

Pure Care Herbal Skin Therapy Shampoo

For sensitive pets or pets with severe allergies, there is no better solution than Pure Care. Our exclusive formula uses pure plant extracts, natural oatmeal, and sweet almond oil to relieve itching, flaky skin, and dermal inflammations. An excellent shampoo for dogs, cat, puppies, and kittens, Pure Care cleans and conditions with gentle, tearless cleansers and natural emollients, soothing and healing problems associated with flea bites, dermatitis, dandruff, hot spots, and dry and oily seborrhea. The bitter taste also discourages chewing and biting to speed the healing process.

Biodegradable and pH-balanced, Pure Care features the very best of nature's skin and coat repairing ingredients, using a breakthrough no-sting itch relief formula that contains no hydrocortisone, coal tar, sulfur, salicylic acid, harsh chemicals, steroids, or tea tree oil, which is toxic to cats and kittens. Instead, you will find:

Oatmeal - Soothes Itching, Flaky Skin, & Insect Bites
Calendula - Relieves Skin Irritations & Insect Bites
Comfrey - Natural Source of Allantoin, Which Helps Heal Wounds & Skin Irritations & Stimulate Growth of Healthy Tissue
Goldenseal - Botanical Astringent with Anti-Fungal Properties
Rosemary - Helps Control Dandruff, Itching, & Scaling
Almond Oil - Natural Emollient & Fragrance

Two Cats

Pure O'Flee Luxury Shampoo Concentrate

When your pet has pests, use this powerful product to relieve itching, ease scratching, and decrease dermal inflammation. Our biodegradable pH-balanced formula produces a luxurious lather that conditions the skin and coat while the coconut oil and natural citrus peel, a source of d-limonene, diminishes odors and soothes any discomfort. Your pet will come out of the bath smelling fresh and clean. Pure O'Flee may be used in conjunction with veterinarian-prescribed products.

Beagle Mother and Puppy

D'Grease Shampoo

Rid your pet's coat of excessive oils, grease, and dirt. This cleansing shampoo is ideal for greasy ears, medication removal, oily-coated breeds, motor oil and grease, stud tail, and oily seborrhea. It can be used safely with your everyday flea shampoo such as Pure O'Flee. The formula contains no solvents, petroleum distillates, alcohol, or hazardous ingredients.

Pure Bright Coat Brightening Shampoo

An exclusive formulation of natural chamomile flower extract, the gentlest cleansers, and our unique ultra-violet color maximizers, this shampoo reduces coat discolorations without leaving behind unwanted blue or gray residue. Chamomile is known for its ability to highlight and brighten white and light-colored coats and provide a soothing, conditioning effect to skin and coat. When blended with our cleansers and color maximizers, it helps restore light-colored coats to their natural brilliant luster. Pure Bright Shampoo is biodegradable, pH-balanced, and contains no peroxide, bleach, or bluing, making it safe for regular use. For maximum effect on double or harsh coats, use in conjunction with D'Grease Shampoo. For extra conditioning on long-coated breeds, use in conjunction with Pure Pearl Luxury Conditioning Shampoo and the other PurePet conditioning products.

Pure Pearl Luxury Conditioning Shampoo

Excellent for pets with sensitive skin, this relaxing shampoo contains the finest coconut oil and is recognized by veterinarians as the best natural conditioner for dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens. It does not leave behind synthetic residues that build-up on the skin and coat, so it will not cause flaking, itching, or allergic reactions. Instead, this biodegradable, pH-balanced formula produces a luxurious lather for excellent conditioning, rinsing easily to leave the coat soft, silky, and manageable. Pure Pearl contains no waxes, dyes, parabens, or synthetic conditioners.