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Delightfully Soft Fur

After you thoroughly wash your dog or cat, give your pet's coat the look and feel of a champion when you use any of our pet conditioners. Here at PurePet, we know that regular conditioning is vital for the overall health and appearance of your furry friend's fur. All of our products are designed to soothe itches, soften coats, and ease tangles, making it that much easier to keep your pet looking like the beloved family friend he or she is.


Pure Clover Creme Rinse & Conditioner

A scientific breakthrough in the advancement of coat conditioners, our special formula allows for maximum conditioning without adding unwanted oils or waxes to the skin and coat. Pure Clover leaves the normal, dry, and oily coats feeling fresh, soft, and manageable. Biodegradable and pH-balanced, it helps eliminate tangles and matting while reconstructing damaged coats and enhancing sheen.

Pure Soft One Step Hot Oil Treatment

This highly effective treatment is specially formulated with natural herbal oils to provide maximum relief of dry skin and coat. This can be used in conjunction with Pure Pearl Shampoo or any other PurePet shampoo to further rejuvenate dry skin and coat. An 8-oz. bottle of Pure Soft makes up to 96 gallons, so it is a big value in a small bottle.